Gouache painting process

Recognizing a Great Graphic Specialist for Photoshop Clipping Path

Graphic designing is now a very challenging job. Specialization in Photoshop elements is not sufficient. Creativity is also important as much as the tools that are in hand. Recognizing a great graphic specialist is now possible with outsourcing trends to offshore firms.

Painting Tips, Developing Visual Memory

A few tips and exercises for the artist regarding visual memory. Developing visual memory is key to accurate representation and is essential to develop uniqueness in portraiture.

How To Find The Artist In You – Draw Portraits With Ease

Discover your hidden artistic ability and use it to create beautiful artwork especially portraits in pencil. This article will help you bring out your hidden talent by becoming aware of the eight signs that you have this creative ability within you. This will also lead you to a great learning experience on how to draw portraits.

Mask Making For Kids

People tend to look at the latest children’s toys, software and apps and think they’re going to equip children with amazing skills and teach them new and exciting things. Finding a happy medium between both new technology and the old classics will result in a balanced, outgoing and well rounded child.

How to Dress a Mannequin in 10 Easy Steps

In the world of Retail Clothing, dressing mannequins and displays are an integral part of promoting Clothing Ranges and accessories. Dressing a garment on a mannequin and setting it within a display has proven to increase sales by up to 70% in some instances – so great idea for promoting poor selling lines! But the sales lift cannot just be put down to better visibility within the store…

Tips On How To Purchase Wall Art Online

Buying wall art online is a lot more convenient than hopping from one art store to another. It is also more economical to shop for art online because you won’t have to spend for fuel. The only disadvantage to purchasing paintings online is that, you won’t get to see the artwork first hand before paying for it.

Portrait Painting, Starting With the Basics

Painting portraits may seem to be the most difficult of skills to acquire. If we are to paint a landscape, who is to say what is right and what is wrong but with a portrait then the friends and relatives of our subjects may be quite free with their criticism and the subject themselves might have something to say if your painting is too awful!

How to Draw Birds – A Guide to Measuring Proportions and Drawing Through Shapes

This article has invaluable help for those wishing to draw birds. The subject of measuring proportions and drawing through to understand what is happening with what you are drawing is covered in detail.

Art Collectors – Increase the Value of Your Artwork, Don’t Devalue Your Art!

Art collectors are often shocked and angered when the value of their artwork depreciates if it isn’t well treated and maintained. I see artwork that has mold and lost half of the color due to fading. When you mention it to the selling collector, they usually become indignant and tell you that nothing is wrong and you trying to take advantage of them.

Using Sophisticated AE Templates for Presentations

After Effects and other post-production sequences can have a really strong impact from within a visual project. Engaging visual presentations can lose their immersion as soon as an unrealistic sequence or poorly designed graphic is used. This can be a struggle for directors and project teams who don’t have anybody adept at motion graphic design involved. Resorting to alternatives or poor designs doesn’t have to be an option.

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