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Beyond Beauty

In all reality I would be very hard pressed to find a work of art that I completely despised and could distinguish no merit what-so-ever from. I believe that to each piece of art there is a proportional measure of good as well as a necessary ration of bad traits, just as no two artists create in the same fashion thus their end results reflect accordingly.

Brainstorming Ideas Resulted in My Final Project

Most people as they observe a civil protest on their television or in person may seize upon a fleeting moment of the various signs and posters involved but rarely do they associate such items as fine art. The fact of the matter is that such creativity offers a significant insight into both the artistic abilities of the creator as well as a projection of the mood of society when the work was created.

Monet’s Poppies

Monet’s poppies are found in many of his finest paintings, normally as part of a dreamy impressionist landscape. This article covers the career of Claude Monet and seeks the works from it which specifically included poppies within them. Poppy Blooming was a painting by Monet which features the artist’s wife and child in the foreground amidst a flowing scenery of greens and reds, with the poppies blooming to great effect.

Learning Oil Painting – A Few Tips On How To Begin

Oil painting is quite suitable for beginners. Oil paints dry much slower than watercolors or acrylics, which gives you more time to work. You can also easily correct mistakes by just painting over them. So if you decided to learn painting, oils definitely are a good choice.

Wine and Art – Their Happy Marriage Called Wine Painting

Wine and art. What is it about these two subjects that allows them to be melded so effortlessly and effectively? And is there any way that they can be combined into one overtly pompous force? The answer to the first question is “I don’t know”; the answer to the second, a resounding “Yes.” Power and beauty are unleashed when these two dynamic forces marry in a little known art form called “wine painting.” I know this because this is what I do; I’m a wine painter. Wine painting is the art of painting with wine.

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