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Painter Uses Art Supplies to Make 3D Pictures

Artist Sarah Graham utilises art supplies to fool people into thinking that her paintings are three dimensional. The artist stated on her official website that she has developed her own photorealist style that aims to create an image which is as life-like as possible and makes the viewer think that the painting is real. Sarah Graham said: “I have been developing a method of painting specific to creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

How to Paint Eyes – Using Shadows and Light to Bring Your Painting to Life

As you learn portrait painting techniques and how to paint eyes you should know that you will encounter shadows and light in all portrait paintings. Getting the correct shadow areas and light or highlighted areas will bring your portraits to life.

Learn How To Paint Eyes That Bring Your Portraits To Life

How many times have to tried to paint eyes, only to become frustrated and discouraged. There are many painting techniques and tricks that artists use to paint eyes and bring their portraits to life.

Painting Tools – Brushes Are Important

When you first start to paint it will not take you long to realize how important the right painting tools are to colorize your drawings. The correct type of paper is a necessity. Brushes are important to skillfully paint fine point to smooth strokes.

Hand Paintings With Acrylics – Family Therapy Turned Hobby

If your parent or your child has experienced high stress and is suffering from anxiety or other mental or physical problems hand painting is wonderful therapy. And if you are a person in good health consider painting as a wonderful hobby or as a new career.

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