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Genius – Three Ways to Be One

We are often told that anyone can achieve success. If you want it enough. If you try hard enough. If you have the talent. Yet many talented and dedicated people never achieve Fame or Fortune in their chosen field. What makes one person a recognised genius and another an also-ran? We know the genius must possess two things. I think there is a third.

Stressing Out Over the Meaning of Your Doodle?

Here is an insight into the art of doodling. Some of the ways of understanding your doodles are discussed. It also offers an excellent excuse to do some more doodling!

Buying Handmade Art Products Online: Caveat Emptor

Buying handmade art products and visual arts has become so popular that entire website marketplace venues are available online to satisfy the demand. And there are millions of highly talented and skilled artists and artisans ready to provide the supply. So there you have it…plenty of handmade art to go around and plenty of buyers ready to plunge into the online shopping experience.

Tips For Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio

A key element into getting a job in one of many graphic design careers is to have a current and impressive portfolio. Whether you want to create your portfolio on the the web or have a traditional tangible portfolio, there are several tips and tricks you can do.

Photo Collage: The 3 Styles

A photo collage is an awesome way of immortalising the photos that mean so much to you. You know that you never want to forget those moments – the ones that really took your breath away – so why not display them for all to see on your wall? With a photo collage you can use all your favourite photos in a very artistic and creative way as an astounding piece of wall art.

How To Draw Zombies: Techniques For Horror Sketching

Know how to draw zombies? If not, read on and learn how to draw them like a virtuoso with these easy steps. Drawing is one of the most fulfilling and exciting hobbies around, but not all of us have the talent to draw the things we like. However, with a little practice (I know, you’ve heard that many times) you can master the art of drawing anything.

Too Much to Do? Suggestions on How to Manage Your Creative Time

Too much work? Too much to do on the to do list? Not enough time for personal projects? Here are some suggestions on how to maximize your time so that you have enough time to do it all.

Black And White Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are an artistic revolution in the sense that you can now take your favorite photo and turn it into a work of art. But how is canvas arts created? First, a client chooses a photo that will be printed on to the canvas.

Panoramic Canvas Prints: The Dos And Don’ts

Panoramic canvas prints may seem quite daunting because of their impressive and expansive shape and design. However, there is no need to worry because this guide will ease you through the jargon, lingo and potential difficulties to leave you safe in the knowledge that your panorama wall art will look breathtaking in your home. 3 Dos to pounce upon and 3 Don’ts to avoid completely – so follow this strategy for the ultimate panoramic canvas prints today!

Photo Montage: 7 Tips and Tricks

A photo montage could be the ultimate way of immortalising the memories that are most important to you. Putting your camera snaps onto canvas prints is a wonderful and beautiful technique that really does bring the best out of your photography skills! Here are 7 useful tips and tricks for your photo montage – follow these and you will dramatically improve the look and impact of your photo montage.

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