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Is Graphic Design an Art?

Good art gives interpretation as it communicates people in different ways. On the other hand good design is understood as it motivates people to communicate in the same way with a same message. As graphic design is a visual representation and skillful combination of texts and pictures and functions for a specific task to communicate viewers with a specific message with no matter of how much aesthetic and beautiful it is; we can say graphic design is not an art.

The Remarkable Story of the Survival and Publication of “Der Weiss Kunig” (“The White King”) (1775)

“Der Weiss Kunig” – a work whose title is literally translated as “The White King”, but is also known as “The Life and Reign of Emperor Maximilian I” – is an epic production prepared upon the instruction of Maximilian I (1459-1591), who was Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 until his death. Intended to chronicle the Emperor’s life in allegorical terms – Maximilian I being depicted by “The White King” of the title – the text was provided by Marx Treitzsaurwein and was to be accompanied by more than 230 full-page plates printed from woodcuts from designs by artists including Hans Burgkmair, Leonard Beck, Hans Schauffelein and Hans Springinklee. One of the engravers responsible for translating those artists’ visions to plates was Jost Dienecker. “Der Weiss Kunig” was unpublished at the time of the Emperor’s death and the plates and text were reunited only in the mid-18th Century, to be published for the first time in 1775 in a First Edition introduced by Adam Barsch (1757-1821) – an Austria Artist and Scholar whose catalog of Old Master prints is a seminal work in the Art History of Printmaking.

Know More About Mixed Media

Mixed media is a term used to mention art pieces made up of a number of different elements. Such works have been created since thousands of years ago, but the term is applied particularly to contemporary pieces in which a range of non-traditional materials is utilized.

The Things That You Can Use For Mixed Media

Mixed media, from acrylic paints to ink to collage, is employed in a variety of artworks that adds texture and body to an artist’s home. Although it can be challenging to begin a mixed media item, mixed media isn’t as hard as it seems, and also a number of effects is possible.

Different Means Of Working With Mixed Media

Mixed media does mean you can use several form of media such as paint, objects, ash or trash. Putting together a discovered object piece can be achieved fairly easily and you do not need any specific abilities.

Different Mixed Media Projects

Mixed media is actually a term which pertains to the items used in making a piece of art. Mixed media art utilizes several mediums, like paint, ink, magazine cuttings and metal.

The Early Mixed Media Artists

The word mixed media represents an artwork made out of one or more material. The common use of mixed media was a major trend in the evolution of art in the twentieth century. The most prevalent is collage. The art critic Clement Greenberg recommended that collage, a form of mixed media where various things are put together in a single composition, was 1 of the most important steps in the development of modern art.

Creating Memories From Your Special Occasions

What better way to commemorate that perfect holiday or wonderful vacation than with a gorgeous canvas print? Along with buying souvenirs, taking photos are one of the most popular methods we have of creating something to remember our holidays and free time. However, some people fail to make the most of these opportunities and end up with disappointing snaps that fail to do justice to the occasion.

”The Dance of Death” (1796): A Souvenir of the Mural Installation in Basel’s Dominican Convent

Consider the term ‘souvenir’ for a moment… even in the most enlightened mind, it is certain that at least a fleeting thought will surface of kitsch, tasteless and tacky mass-produced ornaments. It is a concept that will be familiar to travelers world-wide – and while we may not necessarily fall prey to the siren-call of cheap baubles, the desire to acquire a memento or token of remembrance (whether in relation to travels or other personal pursuits) has been a feature of humanity since we began to walk on two legs. Undoubtedly, too, for the same period, entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity to profit from this seemingly innate drive. In the 18th Century, travelers were drawn to Basel to view the remnants of the mural installation known as “The Dance of Death” in the city’s Dominican Convent and the Mechel brothers, identifying a niche in the souvenir market, brought together a collection of surviving woodblocks more than two centuries old to promote among visitors. As a consequence, important Renaissance illustrations have been preserved and contribute to our understanding of changes to the great Mural installation at Basel.

Balancing Act – Creating As Giving

Can everyday objects be beautiful? Have you ever got a buzz from creating something purely for the pleasure it brings to others? My tale of river stones will inspire you to be balanced and creative!

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