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Venus Botticelli Painting

Venus is a goddess used by famous Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in his famous painting, Venus. This work has become known as the artist’s most respected painting from a long career during the Italian renaissance. This article examines this and other paintings from the life of Botticelli.

The Difference Between Oil And Acrylic Paint

The differences between oil and acrylic paint basically lie in the characteristics and behaviour of these paints. To begin with, oil paints are generally given a lot more respect in the art world and considered the right medium for true professionals and masters of classical art.

If You Really Want to Paint

Is it true? Anyone can paint. I hear this continually, and it is right in one way, but wrong in another. Absolutely, you can if you go about it in the right way, do what you can and build up.

Primavera Botticelli Painting

Primavera is a famous oil painting by Sandro Botticelli during the Renaissance period of Italian art, when this country dominated all western art, leaving influences right across Europe. This article covers the Primavera painting in detail and places it in context against the rest of the career of this fine artist.

Guide To Easy Painting

Drawing, let alone painting, is something many of us are having a hard time to do. However, anyone can still make a painting masterpiece through the absence of the elusive painting skills at hand. Painting is something anyone can learn; it’s not an inheritance or a gift. Everything is possible for a person who is willing to do whatever it takes just to achieve he wants to achieve. But before anything else, you have to start from scratch. Learning the basics of painting would be the very key for you to succeed in the field.

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