Do You Need Art School to Create Art?

Choosing The Right Brushes For Oil Painting

Paint brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and costs. Determining which one is right for you, and when it is the right one, depends largely on how you want to use it. The main types of brushes are china bristle, soft hair, and synthetic bristle.

Five Most Common Problems Beginner Painters Have

For people who are interested in learning how to paint with either acrylic or oil paint may experience a few common learning problems. These are the most common problems people have when they are learning how to paint. You can overcome these common problems with some basic knowledge and problems solving skills that will eventually get you past these difficulties.

Japanese Painting and Its Styles

One of the most popular art forms in Japan is Painting. Chinese painting style has lot of influence on the Japanese style of painting and these are beautiful, nice and sometimes very complex or intricate. In the period of Muromachi (1338-1573), Chinese style of paintings was established or introduced in Japan, due to the invasion of Chinese trade.

The Painter and His Painting – On Constraints in the Creative Act

Most easel paintings in history have been executed on right-angled surfaces whose proportional ratio approximate the golden number, universally considered harmonious. While the theoretical range goes from perfect squares to ample parallelograms, the rectangular shape is by far the most used. When painting migrated to the easel from its original mural setting, wood was the most used general material and the most practical surface was angular.

Manuel Reyes – Sculptor, Painter and Renaissance Man From the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca

Manuel Reyes is one of Mexico’s most promising artists. His work consists of multi-media representations of past cultures and present-day worldviews, with influences of some of the grand masters of art. His use of clays and sands for both sculptures and creating paint colors and textures is impressive. His melding of aestheticism with pure functionality is particularly compelling. A vist to Reyes’ workshop in rural Oaxaca, Mexico, is well worth the effort.

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