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How to Paint Using Watercolor – Wet Into Wet Techniques

On a cold day in February several artist gathered to learn to paint with watercolors. The wet into wet technique. As they gathered, looking and commenting on the picture they were to paint, they were talking about how easy and simple the painting class would be on that day.

Art Pencil Drawings – Adding Ink & Watercolor to Your Art

When creating a drawing with art pencils, why not consider adding pen, ink and watercolor to add interest and dimension to your art piece? Pen, ink and watercolor can be used by any level of artist from beginner to advanced. Starting out your drawing with pencil, then adding ink and finally watercolor is both relaxing and rewarding. Learn about materials and steps to follow to get started in creating your own work of art.

The Painter With Incredible Mastery of Color – Prafulla Dahanukar

Prafulla Dahanukar has explored the concept of permanence. And she finally came to the truth that it is space and only space that is permanent and timeless. Everything else has a life cycle.

New Art Technique – Bas Relief Painting

Art has been around in many forms for a long time now. Even ancient civilizations like Egyptians or Mayans use to practice arts in forms of rock sculpture or painting or even literature which dates back to 2100 B.C.

Watercolor Artist Tools – Watercolor Brushes

Excellent watercolor brushes are essential for obtaining the best results from your watercolor painting. Do you happen to have any Russian sables chasing around your neighborhood? If so, you have got at your disposal the best possible material for producing your own watercolor brushes.

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