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The History of Claude Monet

This article discusses the story of Claude Monet. This article also tells about his wife and the final years of his life.

Photography As Art and Reference for Artists

Photography, especially modern digital photography has given everyone the ability to become a photographer.  While not everyone has the artistic eye of what we define as the artistic photographer, the tools of the digital camera and the software to manipulate those images is readily available to all.  This makes it possible for anyone to develop their own photographic style or even mimic the styles of their favorite photographer.

Grandma Moses, Renowned American Folk Artist and Inspiration

Grandma Moses is a treasured American artist that was named one of the most newsworthy women in the 1950’s. She is also one of the greatest examples that it is never too late to start painting or anything for that matter. Grandma Moses started her painting career as a hobby in her seventies.

Investing in Art and Being a Benefactor to the Arts

Not everyone that would like to be considered a collector of art can necessarily afford a Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet, but these are not the only collectible works of art in the world.  Regional artists offer a unique way in which people can build their collections of art in a unique and more affordable way.  One of the best ways to build a collection is to be a benefactor to a local artist.

Three Musicians by Picasso

Three Musicians is a famous painting from Pablo Picasso that is covered in some detail within this article. There is also further comment on where Three Musicians fits into Pablo Picasso’s long and impressive career. Three Musicians is a colourful Cubist painting which is one of Picasso’s most popular within today’s art market, and a common reproductions as framed art print, poster or stretched canvas.

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