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Popular Painting Styles – Scumbling Techniques Soften and Add Depth

Scumbling techniques have been used by master painters since the 1600s to create smooth gradations, modify a previously dried layer of paint and to add a sense of depth. Learn how to utilize these powerful methods to bring life to your paintings.

Popular Painting Styles – Alla Prima Techniques Add Freshness

Alla prima painting techniques are often said to result in a fresher more spontaneous feel than other painting methods because they are completed quickly while in the midst of inspiration. This article will describe how to breathe life into your painting using this popular painting style.

Why So Many Old Masters Used Impasto Painting Techniques

The impasto painting technique involves varying the thickness and texture of paint on the canvas. This results in paintings that offer an exciting emotional response that is quite different from artwork with a more uniform application of paint. If well done, the subject of a piece of art will almost appear to leap out of its frame. Read this article to learn more about using this painting method for your own art.

Create Canvas Paintings by Adding Paint Effects With Digital Manipulation

One of the best things about using digital manipulation and adding in paint effects is that you can use as many layers of paint as you want, without waiting it for it to dry! You can also pick any different type of brush that you want, such as a block brush to add in blocky effects around your brush strokes or choosing a round, wide brush to soften the area completely.

Popular Painting Styles – Impressionistic Painting Adds Immediacy and Movement

Impressionistic painting was a reaction to the more precisely crafted and classically styled techniques of the old masters. This movement, (roughly 1860 -1900), brought artists out of the studio and into the open air to observe the every day life of the middle and lower classes. Learn this vibrant painting style to add a sense immediacy and movement to your artwork.

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