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Are Our Human Artists Really an Endangered Species?

Last year, I had written an interesting “tongue and cheek piece” which I had titled; Dear Human Creative Artist – You Are No Longer Needed – The AI Software Program Said. Kind of funny really, but I had reasoned that soon robotic painting machines with sophisticated algorithms would be creating our art, yes, the art that we might hang on our walls in fact. That’s a little disturbing I have to admit, but looking forward this is the future, and it’s inevitable.

Modern Trends in Wall Art and How to Go About Them

Designing, decorating and planning brings a lot of involvement. It is as if a person has been given a canvas with unlimited colors to run her or his figments of imagination.

Design Principles Determine Good and Not So Good Art

Design is simply the meaningful arrangement of elements to achieve an aesthetic goal or outcome. Considering there is no real definition of GOOD design, it can be hard to determine what art is good and what art is not so good. Therefore, understanding the basic accepted set of seven key principles attributed to good design can be quite helpful.

Top Ten Most Popular Christian Art Prints

Christian Art can encompass a multitude of creations. There is no way to pick the best, however, the following 10 offerings are varied forms of Christian Art.

What Is a Pyrometric Cone Used For?

After a potter creates his pottery piece out of clay, the clay is placed to dry. Following your drying process it will be placed in a kiln where it’s hardened. There are five general categories for which kiln temperatures are calculated.

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