Blackpink Lisa – Pencil sketch Tutorial for beginners || How to draw Blackpink Lisa- Step by Step

History of Oil Painting

Some of the oldest civilizations like the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian used painting techniques quite a bit. These civilizations used mixtures made from mineral pigments mixed in bee wax and tempera. Although the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew about vegetable oils, there is no evidence of them having used it painting. However, they did use tempera, which is a fluid made from an organic binder, water and essential oils from vegetables. The organic binders used by Italians were primarily derived from animal sources like whole eggs, milk and animal glue.

4 Essential Skills Every Painter Should Have

If you want to paint, do you need talent or can it be learned? Painting is a skill, and like any skill, it can be learned and developed over time. Talent is always a good thing, of course, but it alone won’t make you a new Picasso. The only proven way to improve a skill, and remember – painting is a skill, is through practice. In this article we will take a look at the essential skills that every painter should have.

Indian Miniature Painting – History and Techniques

Miniature paintings are one of the many things that make an Indian proud of his country’s rich cultural heritage. Miniature paintings originated long back in the history of India. Indian Paintings can be broadly classified as the murals and miniatures. Murals are huge works executed on the walls of solid structures, as in the Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath temple. Miniature paintings are executed on a very small scale on perishable material such as paper and cloth.

Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

Prismacolor watercolor pencils are made up of water-soluble materials, which enable an artist to create watercolor like effects within a drawing. By applying a damp paintbrush to a composition drawn with water-soluble colored pencils, rough areas can be gently smoothed away. Rather than use an eraser to try to remove or lighten areas of a drawing, applying a damp brush to these so-called mistakes, can actually enhance a drawing.

How Much Artistic Talent Do You Really Need to Become a Painter?

Do you need talent to become an artist? In almost no other human endeavor are so many people so hung up on the need for talent. There seems to be an almost universal agreement that artistic painting is only for those rare individuals that are born with a mysteriously God-like ability to create art. We lowly mortals, should never even try to understand art let alone try to create it. Give me a break.

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