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Airbrush Painting Techniques – Anyone Can Learn to Create Fantastic Pictures Using an Airbrush

Learning about airbrush painting techniques is a very educational process. Airbrush painting is so different from other forms of painting, that it really is a learning experience.

Oil Painting Techniques – Making and Taking Time to Learn

Making time to learn oil painting techniques, and artistic styles and expressions is essential within the process to learn how to oil paint. Your commitment and dedication should reflect your desire!

Oil Painting Techniques – Starting Out

Artistic talent is not necessarily a trait that one is born with, and can indeed be learned and more importantly fine tuned. In deciding to take up oil painting or learning about oil painting techniques, you have already taken the first step in developing this latent talent. As with any sport or pastime it really comes down to whether you are passionate about your subject or activity, as well as the willingness and desire you have to develop these talents.

Watercolors For Newbies

How to begin your first watercolor project. Learn the materials needed before you begin!

Acrylics and Oils – Differentiate Between Acrylic and Oil Paints

There are different types of paint used for the painting, you can use oil paints or try with acrylic paints. Each of the paints has their own strength and weakness.

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