Austin’s Top 5 Favorite Art Lessons From 2020

Not In Your Average Painting DVDs

Just bought a new set of painting DVDs? How was it? Was it even worth it?

Learn to Paint From the Master Artist Gayle Levee

Anyone of us has one time or another, enjoyed playing with our crayons and dreamed to be an artist someday. It may have been such a high dream to achieve back then with the limited amount of resources available to learn painting. Most likely, only those who can afford to buy materials and pay for lessons can and will be good at painting.

Tired of the Usual Oil Painting DVDs?

Want to learn oil painting? Been watching too many oil painting DVDs? Well, here is a list of oil painting tips that may prove helpful for beginners and experts alike!

The Shades of Life Caught in Pencil Drawing

Artists can pretty much showcase their mastery in many ways these days. A lot of mediums have already emerged in the world of art. Many have even come to use recycled materials to show their skills in making something out of virtually nothing.

A Step by Step Guide to Pencil Drawing a Portrait

Pencil drawings are really beautiful to look at. Many think that it is very hard to make a pencil drawing. But just like any other thing in this world, everything can be learned if you just know where to look for it.

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