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Scrimshaw – Authentic American Art Form – Basics and How-To

Scrimshaw as an art medium which flowered in the 19th century among the whalers. A few artists continue the tradition. I’ll explain the basics.

Children’s Book Illustrator at Age Twelve

Animal portrait painting is, not unlike human portraiture except that animals rarely like to pose. An artist has to put in a good deal of work just to keep the animal’s attention on her.

Finding the Best Video Production

Video production is the art and service of videotaping, editing, and distributing a finished video product for television, commercial and corporate videos. It is increasing in popularity with the growth of the internet and the availability of modern equipment that makes producing a video easier for the lay person.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Canvas Art

The canvas art could add really a great style to your office or home. It is available in both replications and originals, so you can buy it depending upon your taste and budget. You can buy canvas art in many ways. Below are some tips and basics to consider before buying it.

Cinema 4D 12.0 Dynamics – Using a Motor

Cinema 4D 12.0 has introduced many new features in dynamics but some standouts are new dynamic ‘drivers’, the motor, spring, and companion connectors. When I introduce myself to new concepts and especially new ones in Cinema 4D that have a multitude of possible settings, I go with simplicity.

Cinema 4D 12.0 Dynamics – Creating Chutes

The new Cinema 4D 12.0 dynamics offers many possibilities with new forces at play with our objects. Chutes can be playful or do work for you in the factory. Chutes can be whimsical or serve a military loader. Let’s create some!

The Art of Expatriation

Throughout the centuries, artists have found inspiration from their journeys abroad, resulting in some of the most magnificent works of art in history. Your relocation may not have quite the same global impact, but it could prove just as personally rewarding.

The Inspiration for Illustrations – Vibrant Dazzling Paint Colors, Rich Hues and Vibrant Light

Art is inspired by children, dazzling colors, historical places and magical dreams. I like to paint illustrations that create a world of opportunity to expose children to other countries and cultures around the globe.

Giclee on Canvas – Long Lasting Prints

Giclee printing is process of printing an image on a canvas. Though the process might sound simple, it needs great precision and expertise to make a flawless Giclee on canvas print. Canvas of the highest quality is used for these reproductions to give them great finish and texture. Use of fade resistant ink ensures that the colors don’t lose their richness with passing years.

Steps Required To Create Beautiful Oil Paintings on Canvas

In all form of art paintings, oil painting on canvas is the most popular one that has begin since the 5th century, and it start booming on the 15th century. Here are some steps required to create beautiful oil paintings on canvas.

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