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Henri Rousseau – The Life and the Works of the French Post-Impressionist Painter

French Post-Impressionist painter, Henri Julien Felix Rousseau, also known as Le Douanier or Henri Rousseau, was born on May 21, 1844, in Laval in the Loire Valley, Northern France. Henri, the self-taught ‘Naive (Primitive)’ painter, was born into a family of plumbers with limited means. His father had incurred heavy debts due to which his family had to keep moving from one place to another.

French-Roman Classicist Painter – Nicolas Poussin

French ‘Classicist’ painter, Nicolas Poussin was born on June 15, 1594, near Les Andelys in Normandy to a soldier father and a peasant mother. Despite a modest family background, Nicolas managed to get some basic education in Latin. He discovered his artistic inclinations at a very young age. Some of the Poussin’s works caught the attention of Quentin Varin, a local painter of altarpieces. Varin coached Poussin, who slyly slipped out to Paris at the age of eighteen. Here, with the help of an aristocrat, he was trained under Flemish painters, Ferdinand Elle and Georges Lallemand. The training in his formative years, nevertheless, failed to build a strong artistic foundation for Poussin.

Phenomenal German ‘Expressionist’ Painter – Anton Kerschbaumer

Anton Kerschbaumer, the famous German ‘Expressionist’ painter, was born on November 20, 1885, in Rosenheim, Germany. He championed one of the most complex and diverse art movements ever included in the history of ‘Modern Art.’ Kerschbaumer believed that he could use his art as a bridge towards a better future.

Easel – Every Committed Painter Should Own One

Owning a well-built easel made out of tough materials is one of the best painting tools a committed artist or hobbyist must have. This short article provides the reasons why an easel is just as valuable to an artist today, as it was during the era of Michelangelo and Van Gogh…

Max Kaus – The Second Generation German Expressionist Painter & Graphic Artist

Well known German painter and graphic artist, Max Kaus, was born in Berlin on March 11, 1891. He was the pioneer of German Expressionism, and most of his prints were like the mementos of the nascent beauty of the ‘twentieth century art.’ Max’s initial encounter with the world of art, especially ‘Italian Renaissance Art,’ was through his visit to the Kaiser-Friedrich Museum.

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