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A Freelance Technical Illustrator Perception About Digital Technology Updates

Most digital technology is now designed to help home users create images in a professional manner. Many digital technical illustrators are now increasing their skills using variety of software and are moving closer to commercial digital technical illustration.

The Miami Art Scene

Miami is well known as one of the party capitals of the world, but there is much more to the Sunshine City than cocktails and dance floors. High culture is alive and kicking in Miami, with the area boasting a thriving art scene and some incredible museums.

Chikankari Embroidery Digitizing, East Meets West

Modern embroidery digitizing has revolutionized the world of fabric and design by making it simple, quick and fun. Not only developed countries, but developing nations have also benefited from this development. Take for instance the example of the Indian traditional ‘chikankari embroidery’. This article will deal with the transformation that embroidery digitizing has brought in this field. It is not about pushing the old traditions under the carpet but morphing them into something modern, time saving and convenient.

Technical Illustrator Tutorials: Are They Really Helping You Improve Your Skills?

The development of your technical skills is crucial to the success of your career. You can nurture your inner creativity by stepping out of the box and starting to communicate using illustrations.

How to Create Video for a Technical Illustrator Sample Portfolio?

I suggest that you just write an article a day and submit to at least two sites. Then, create videos from simple graphic images that you designed and submit to all video sites.

Different Phases of Architectural Services

Architectural Services play an important role in construction of any building or any infrastructure. Such services are best used in field of construction for marketing purposes.

Creating Quality, High Resolution Labels

Creating the right label is important to gain attention by customers. There are many factors including design program and printer to get the label right!

Unique and Personal Is Better

Convenience should never trump creativity. Sometimes we need a personal touch.

The Process of Creating a Full Color Vinyl Banner

I was fascinated by the process of creating a full color vinyl banner. I had always been involved in the graphic design end of things but we always sent it off to be printed. I have seen a full color vinyl banner go from start to finish and it is an interesting process.

How Color Evokes Emotion – It’s Getting Easier to Be Green

When I was a kid, I remember Kermit the frog singing to us, “It’s not easy being green”. These day’s, being green is back en vogue. In our modern American society, being green has grown into eco-friendly world movement. What was once associated mainly to envy and jealousy, now being green symbolizes health, wellness and nature.

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