A Method for Deciding ‘What to Draw’

Acrylic Portrait Painting – Learning to Paint

Painting people takes practice. Painting people or portraits in acrylics is done by painting in layers. While you are building these layers, you may be tempted to give up too soon. As long as the features are placed correctly, painting portraits in acrylic just takes layers and patience.

Acrylic Painting Techniques – Most Used

Just as there are thousands of artists, so are there acrylic painting techniques. No one can tell you exactly how you are supposed to paint. You can however learn a lot of painting techniques that will help you as you learn. Some of these techniques you will find useful and others you may chose not to use. I’ve listed a few of the most general acrylic painting techniques…

Acrylic Canvas Painting – Learning to Paint

Acrylic paints are very versatile. With acrylics, you can vertically paint on any surface. Painting on canvas, is a fun hobby that produces lasting works of art for you to display, sell or give as gifts.

French Neo-Impressionist & Pointillist Painter – Paul Signac

Paul Victor Jules Signac or Paul Signac, one of the most admired French ‘Neo-Impressionist’ painter and the co-originator of ‘Pointillism’ or ‘Divisionism,’ was born into an affluent bourgeois family in Paris, on November 11, 1863. Paul was a revolutionary artist who was also fond of sea and sailing. His first boat was a canoe that he named Manet Zola Wagner. The name hinted at his youthful fervor for avant-garde & unconventional artistry, while simultaneously staying indecisive about his occupation.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – The Pre-Raphaelite, British Painter and Poet

Rossetti showed literary and artistic talents during his schooling at King’s College School. Fancied by the “Medieval Italian Art,” he learnt art at the Henry Sass’s Drawing Academy. He left school to prepare for the Royal Academy at the F. S. Cary’s Academy of Art, joining it in 1846. Dithering between painting and poetry, he completed the Royal Academy course to study under Ford Madox Brown in 1848. Soon after, he joined William Hunt’s studio.

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