A Girl with Short Hairstyle – pencil sketch (Step by step) || How to draw Hidden Half Face of Girl

Acrylic Painting Techniques – Acrylics Can Look Like Watercolor & Oil Paintings – Tips and Benefits

Find tips and techniques for painting with versatile acrylic paints to achieve the look of watercolor and oil paintings. Read about added benefits of using acrylic paints.

Watercolor Paper – Watercolor For Newbies

How to select the right watercolor paper for beginners. Tips include how to keep from damaging watercolor paper.

Giovanni Bellini – Revolutionary Venetian Painter From the Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini belonged to the famous Bellini family of Venetian painters. He was crucial in reviving and revolutionizing the Venetian painting style, flavoring it with sensuality and colors. He was born in 1430 in Venice, Italy. Giovanni Bellini started painting under the tutelage of his father.

History of Silk and Silk Painting

Some interesting facts about silk. Silk production was so secretive in China that actually not that much is known about its origins and can only be guessed at. But here is a brief history of what we do know!

Painting Lessons and Tips – Oil & Acrylic Painting Supplies – What You Need to Start Painting Right

When you dream of learning to paint, you have plenty of questions. What do I need to buy, What are the essentials? How many colors and paint brushes do I need to buy? Master acrylic and oil painting by starting off on the right foot. Get all the basics before you start and have less frustration.

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