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Beautiful Landscape Abstract Paintings

A landscape brings us to the great outdoors even if we are busy indoors, working or relaxing, chatting with friends or reviewing an important business deal. How inspiring it is to see the panorama of all that nature can offer, whether it is a stormy patch of weather which overhangs a mountaintop or the broad vista of cultivated fields that shows how much that mankind is dependent upon the land for our very existence. Now and again an outstanding element comes to the fore, but in the main the emphasis in landscape paintings is the land itself, unending around us as our vision takes in the horizon stretching all around us. From the ancient Minoans, Greeks and Romans come the first inklings that landscapes formed part of their culture, and even though the more sophisticated means of portraying scale and proportion regarding distance would not come until the Renaissance, these extremely early landscapes do show an attempt to recreate the feel of standing still and really noticing the land around us.

Photos on Canvas – A Buyers Guide

There are now so many companies selling photos on canvas online these days, that it’s hard to know which direction to turn in. To help you we have put together this brief buyers guide.

Ways to Make Money With Drawing Skills

If you’re a budding young artist who is looking to make some money from your talents, there are many options you can pursue. One of them is by drawing cartoons for comic books, which can be done either by yourself or for a publisher. For those artists who are skilled enough to draw in variety of different ways, the chance of finding work and making money will increase tenfold. At any rate, getting paid to draw comic strips is a distinct possibility.

Oil and Other Types of Paintings on Canvas, Linen Or Wood & Proper Custom Framing

Paintings on canvas, linen or wood need to be framed differently than works on paper. Oil paintings especially require proper framing methods to ensure their longevity. Following are some important bits of information to be aware of when you are ready to have your painting custom framed.

What Should I Paint?

The question of what an artist should draw and paint is totally personal. Yes, you may have been told that you should concentrate on this or that because it is “popular” or fits your tutor’s choice, but if you are not happy with the subject, your work will reflect that unhappiness. As an artist, my own choice is quite defined.

Drawing Tips – How to Draw a Realistic Face

The secret of how to draw a realistic face lies in understanding structure and proportion. With that, plus a couple of simple tips that will help keep you from starting out right, anyone can draw a face that looks like a real person, not an animation.

How to Draw Cartoons – Advice From the Experts

Learn from the people who have done it before you. These tips from professional cartoonists will help improve your drawings and your change at becoming a published cartoonist.

Fairy Princess Face Painting Design

There are some simple tips that you can use to be able to do face painting with a princess inspired design. It needs not to be perfect. What is important is that you enjoy doing it and the child appreciates it. Try to remember the tips mentioned.

Guidelines For Understanding Abstract Paintings

Art and paintings are terms used by the elite few and the common man still shies away from talks on art. Understanding works and spreading knowledge among the mass public will create more art awareness and also give art a universal appeal. Of all the types of arts abstract art is the most difficult to understand. As a common man, let us explore how to understand art in a few steps.

How to Make Faces for Superheroes

Making faces can be a good way to let more people enjoy the adventures of your favorite superheroes. This article will share you with the way to make faces for the superheroes.

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