A girl is swaying in the cradle – Pencil Sketch (Step by step) || Easy way to draw back side of girl

Commemorating Someone’s Greatness

Name plaques are signs of individuals who were able to attain something and offer great services. These are posted on tables and walls so as to inform someone who passes by that a professional may be found there and that he is offering his hands to those who are in need.

Knockout Background for Aesthetically Enhanced Images With the Pen Tool

Value added services are the name of the game for photo editing companies today who wish to keep themselves in the forefront of existing competition. Tools for knockout background are many but none like the versatile pen tool.

Is There A Right Way To Do A Monogram?

There is much discretion in the proper formatting of a monogram. The earliest, and most common female monogram used today is the first name initial on the left, the middle name initial on the left, and the last name initial in the center. The last name initial is typically in a larger font than the first and middle initial.

The Roots Of Chinese Calligraphy

Find out what are the first remains of Chinese writings. In addition, what materials have contributed to the development of modern Chinese calligraphy!

The Rationality of Using Logo Templates

Logo designing is an ideal business for entrepreneurs who intend to start small. With just a small capital, they can establish a venture. Design products and services can be offered at affordable rates without compromising its quality.

Quick Tips for Printing Your Great Design

So you’ve designed a really awesome looking brochure, flyer, business card, etc. Now what? You have to get it printed.

The Real Art To Investment

From the days of Van Gogh to the present day, there are however a breed of thoroughbred, pure, artists who paint simply because it is their reason for living. It is these artists and the admiration for them from the general population that pushes their work into the limelight of financial investment.

Background Removal Made Easy With Photoshop

Image editing has turned out to be a profitable business for photo processing companies, thanks to the penetration of the Internet and the several websites on it. Background removal is one of the techniques of enhancing the look of an image.

Pop Art Yourself

Once limited just to the purview of celebrities and people high up on the social ladder, today pop-art is much more accessible and within reach of the common man. It is much more easier to get this for yourself, as the Internet throws in a world of variety in styles, pricing and mediums to choose from. In this article, we will examine the various ways in which you can pop art yourself, a few popular shopping options and typical/novel printing mediums.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Good Font?

Whether you are looking to create your business logo or you wish to send a message out to your subscribers, one thing that you might not consider is your font. Fonts are a visual aspect of your message that you may have not considered before, and while you know that you should never use Comic Sans in a serious email and that Papyrus is very overused, you may not have thought about what fonts can do for you.

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