9 Ways I Make Money as an Artist

French Realist Painter & the Founder of Barbizon School – Jean-Francois Millet

His early education of Latin and some key authors was completed under the tutelage of a couple of local priests. At twenty-one, in 1833, he sought two years training under Paul Dumouchel, a portrait painter, at Cherbourg. Jean’s next mentor was Lucien-Theophile Langlois, in the same city. With a government grant of 600 francs, the artist moved to Paris, by 1837, where he studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. His early days were full of hardships, as he endured a state of penury for years. In 1839, his grant was annulled, followed by the disapproval of his first submission at the Salon.

William Blake – Romantic, English Poet, Painter and Printmaker

One of the most celebrated painters, poets, and printmakers of all times, William Blake was considered a nonconformist, owing to his out of box imagination and ingenious creativity. Famous more for his visionary poetry, the artist is credited with bringing forth the artistic style of ‘Romanticism,’ while holding on to ‘Pre-Romanticism’ as well. Born on November 28, 1757, in Golden Square, London, England, the artist hailed from a middle class family.

Acrylic Paints

There are many varieties of acrylic paints. The project you are painting will determine the type you use.

Sand Art – Painting Without a Brush!

The art of arranging fine sand of different colors to create unique drawings and designs in a transparent glass bottle, transparent material and/or frames is often referred to as sand art. Early sand art pieces were found in varieties of geometrical decorations layered in different colors. Bedouins opportune to witness the haunting beauty of Petra’s multicolored sand rocks also created beautiful sand art consisting of layers of natural sand and basic shapes of camel and the dessert life. There is no exact recollection of when or who actually started sand art but it is certain that it started in Petra, Jordan.

Rosa Bonheur – The ‘Realist’ Animal Painter of French Origin

Marie-Rosalie Bonheur, also called Rosa Bonheur, was a French ‘Realist’ animal painter and sculptor in the nineteenth century. Born into a family of artists at Bordeaux on March 16, 1822, she attained the rare honor of artistic recognition and career success unlike her other female contemporaries. Highly popular in Europe and America, Rosa’s artistic lineage has always been a feather on her cap. Her father, Raimond Bonheur, was a landscape & portrait artist and mother Sophie, who passed away when she was only eleven, was a piano teacher. Her popular siblings were artist sisters, Auguste Bonheur and Juliette Bonheur, and sculptor Isidore Jules Bonheur. Also the tutor of Anna Elizabeth Klumpke, Rosa Bonheur established herself as a leading animal painter. Her works employed the techniques of landscape paintings dipped in ‘Realism.’

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