5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Digital Art

Keith Haring Biography: The Events That Shaped the Keith Haring Art That We Know Today

Known for graffiti-and-cartoon-related artworks, Keith Haring had been through quite an experience from Pennsylvania to New York that developed his artistic skills. This Keith Haring biography shows how the current Keith Haring art that we enjoy today contributed much to the growth of pop art worldwide.

3 Most Valuable Paintings Ever Sold

The mania of collectors and scarcity of important works reaching auction drove the cost of the world’s top paintings to dizzying heights during the early years of this century. Find out more about the 3 most valuable paintings ever sold and their owners.

Life Drawing With Cecil Collins

Cecil Collins (1908-1989) was best known as a painter and had established his reputation in the 1930s to the extent of being included in the 1936 International Surrealist Exhibition in London, at the invitation of the eminent art critic Herbert Read. Surrealist influences can certainly be seen in Cecil Collins’ earlier work but in later years he developed his own unique imagery based on the iconic archetypes of the Fool and the Angel. The unreservedly spiritual content of his later work revealed his true nature as a deeply spiritual man whose beliefs and principles were basically incompatible with the…

William Hogarth

William Hogarth was a classical English artist, most famous for his Gin Lane and Beer Street etchings as well as many other traditional oil paintings. The article covers the life of William Hogarth and discusses the highlights from an impressive career which continues to attract high levels of interest from art fans in the modern day, particularly within his native Britain. Beer Street and Gin Lane are seen as important etchings within the development of European art since the Middle Ages.

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough is one of a number of highly significant painters to have come from Britain during the 18th century and this article uncovers his life and career in full. There is also comment on his finest paintings as well, as the style of painting in which he was mostly involved. Gainsborough is still today seen alongside other greats within British art around this period, which includes Joshua Reynolds, George Stubbs, William Hogarth and many more.

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