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Tips On Freelance Logo Design Charges

In this article, I present to readers, tips on how much they can charge clients while working on logo design as freelancers. The inspiration for this article came from my observation that freelance logo designers tend to charge really low prices for their works of art (yes, that is exactly what they are – “works of art”!), which ultimately harms the entire logo design community.

On Becoming a Comic Illustration Artist

Your memories growing up include being into crazy about anything and everything comics. You are also as passionate when it comes to drawing. You follow and collect comic book stories and characters.

How to Become a Calligraphic Illustrator

Calligraphy has evolved through. While writing in calligraphy has been enjoyed as a good hobby and past time, more and more people are making this fine art form as another means of income.

Vinyl Lettering Service to Bring New Life to Your Business Vehicles

Everyone’s getting vinyl lettering service on their business vehicles nowadays, whether it’s just lettering or it’s a full wrap. Read on for a few ways to work with any vehicle graphics design company to get the awareness you want.

Miniatures Artist From Oaxaca, Mexico: Miguel Angel Martinez Reyes Magnifies With Magnificence

Miguel Ángel Martínez Reyes is a miniatures artist / folk artist from Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico. His mediums are wood, bone, stone, minerala and even fruit pits. He as received both national and international recognition, yet still struggles to get the due he deserves.

Screen Printing Lingo You Need To Know

Who wants to look uninformed when enquiring about screen printing for their business? No one. So here is the basic lingo that will allow you to inquire about the entire process without looking foolish and understand what’s being offered.

An Overview of Photo Retouching

Outsourcing photo retouching to a firm is a great idea. These firms have a team of experts specializing in the field of photo retouching. The specialists use their expertise, correct problems with an image, and give it a final touch. This article provides an overview of photo retouching in addition to give you reasons why it is a best idea to outsource this task to a reputable firm. Read on.

Why Photoshop Image Retouching Is Recommended

Many times we have a moment in life that we want to remember with a photo. Sometimes these moments are not captured the right way by the camera. In business cases, there may be a stock photo that would be perfect if just a few items could be changed. This is why Photoshop is used so that these images can be corrected and the photo can appear the way that the people who appear in the photo or the photographer intended.

Alternative Uses For Flowers – Flower Colour Therapy

It has been proven in studies that colours can have an effect on the body and mind. Different colours can balance out energy in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of the body.

5 Tips College Applicants Must Follow When Making Their Art Portfolio

Getting into arts college gets more difficult if you don’t have a competent art portfolio that properly showcases your creativity and skills. If you want to increase your chances of getting into your art or design program of choice, then you must follow the tips featured in this post to create a winning art portfolio!

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