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Painting Fashion Accessories

It is so exciting to see the new fashion trends emerging from around the world. The amount of new handbag designs and fashion accessories on the market is absolutely astounding. The display of such diverse talents is encouraging to see as the world opens up to a variety of intriguing styles. The beauty in this is there is room for even more amazing designers to bring their blow-me-away designs to the fore. One fashion trend that has been holding it’s own for quite some time are fabric paintings on fashion accessories.

What Kind Of Support Is Needed For Painting In Oil?

This article presents a discussion of the kinds of supports to paint upon. All the major alternatives are included and their relative advantages and disadvantages for the beginning artist are indicated.

What Do You Need Besides Oil Paint When Painting in Oils?

This article discusses of some of the qualities and materials needed for painting pictures in oil. All the basic and necessary equipment is presented and discussed.

Essential Materials To Have Before Starting To Paint

Before embarking on any artistic challenge, it is important that you have all the artistic essentials, equivalent to, painting easels, brushes and all the paints you’re going to need before you start. You will also want a definite picture of what course your painting is heading, and what style it is going to be in, specifically if you’re a beginner artist.

Why Faith Is Not a Dirty Word

I love faith not because it may have religious overtones or that it’s a short, simple word to remember. And it’s safe to say most of us has heard it. Here’s a few simple reasons why I love and believe in the power of faith.

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