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Rene Magritte’s Son of Man

The Son of Man is amongst the most recognisable Surrealist oil paintings and was created by Rene Magritte in the 1960s, shortly before his death. This article discusses The Son of Man painting in full and also touches on the rest of Magritte’s career which featured other notable art works. Son of Man features a suited man with an apple hovering in front of his face.

Hostilis Root Bark Natural Pigments

Mimosa hostilis, also known as mimosa tenuiflora for those who are scientifically inclined, is an evergreen shrub that is native to the areas between southern Mexico along the coast of Chiapas down to the north-eastern regions of Brazil near Rio Grande de Norte and Pernambuco. For millennia the natives of Central and South America have used mimosa hostilis root bark to treat a wide variety of medical symptoms ranging from skin lesions to infections, since the powdered bark contains a high amount of tannins that keep the skin from bleeding and thus bind the wound and protect it against future…

Wine Painting – Painting WITH Wine or Paintings OF Wine?

Search for “wine painting” on the internet, and the results are largely paintings of wine, bottles, or vineyards. Many reflect the style of paintings that hang in wine cellars or on the walls of the Olive Garden. Very few are actually paintings made with wine. Not only are few people exploring this art form but those who are seem hardly able to distinguish the theme from the subject matter. In short, it’s apparently hard to describe the semantics of painting WITH wine versus paintings OF wine. This raises the obvious question: Is there a difference between the two styles, and is that difference even worth exploring?

How to Paint Leaves

Flowers and leaves have been liked by many artists, and they form a major part of nature drawing. Inspiration for these paintings can be easily got from pictures and photographs of flowers and landscape scenes, and from nature itself. Though a flower painting is mostly admired by all and has universal appeal, leaves also form an important part of any painting. This article will guide you how to achieve the best results for painting leaves.

Some Tips On Choosing Painting Equipment

DIY projects can be a lot of fun, as well as help keep down the cost of household improvements. There is no reason to hire a professional painting company when you can do the job yourself. New technology continues to improve the quality of tools and result in better quality. Let’s take a look at some of the features to look for when finding the right equipment.

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